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ABV 5% 10 IBU
Our American version of a Belgian Wheat Ale. Traditionally unfiltered. Along with the Wheat Malts and Organic Oats, you’ll find hints (yes… hints, not bombastic amounts) of Coriander, Lavender, and Bitter Orange peel, which gives it a slight lemony touch. We use aged hops, so there is very low levels of hops in both taste and aroma. Our Wit beer helps to sooth that summer heat away, just like a domestique (helper) that brings water and supplies from the support cars up through the peloton to the front end riders for relief.


ABV 6.4% 62 IBU
Our British friends needed hops to preserve their beer in the long voyages over the ocean to the British Indian colonies. Preservation is necessary when it comes that time that you feel you can breakaway from the main field. Nice and hoppy with a properly balanced malt front end, and significant aroma that carries’ thru on the taste. This is Cyclers View of what an example of an English IPA should taste like, with an immediate crack on the taste buds from the vast variety of hops. This beer has a wonderful full flavor profile. Grapefruit and a slightly pine backbone.


ABV 6.6% 68 IBU
Back In the day, it was ruled that Rye would only be used for making bread. That didn’t last long.. Rules….We all know how we feel about rules! Especially mountain bikers! These guys are risk takers! Trails, tree roots, mountain sides, just don’t matter! We took that same mentality, along with the risks, creating this beer. Rather pale in color, having a sharp, complex, grainy flavor, and well…you guessed it..HOPS!! No rules for this beer.


ABV 7.9% 62 IBU
In a competitive time trial race, If you select this gear package…You better be a man! (or woman if it fits). But if you can successfully turn it, the rest of the field better watch out! The same holds true with our Imperial Red. Murky, malty, almost plum like color, with a tan head. Little hop bite, but balances well. Hits your mouth with a decadently sweet toffee and toasted nut flavor and then scours it away with citrus and pine hop spiciness. You think you can turn this one?


ABV 9% 82 IBU
A Cyclist Palmarès is quite simply a list of the individual riders accomplishments. Our Russian Imperial Stout was a defining moment for Cyclers Brewing, and landed high on the list of our achievements. One accomplishment for the majority of us might be just getting on a Bike with our family, or friends, or staying true to our training regimen, despite the conditions. Regardless of our individual Palmares, a basic rule of training is to train what you aim for. Training with an intensity close to your Maximal Oxygen consumption (Vo2 Max) is the most effective way to increase your performance. We took this same frame of mind in creating this jet black, smooth, slick, masterpiece!


ABV 8.5% 78 IBU
In the Cycling world, there’s a lot of hub-bub about the pronunciation and spelling of this word. Just remember, Dee-Rail-ur. Simply put, it’s a mechanism that transfers the chain from one set of gears to another. It’s important to have your gears shift smoothly, and we took this same idea to combine these two styles of beer into one great tasting motion. Malt forward with gravity is the order for Scotch ales, and the porter style balances this with chocolate and roasted flavors. A fluid pedaling style is important for a good cyclist and is most desired. Our Scotch/Porter’s smooth transition into the slightly roasted finish will give you a whole new meaning to the word DeRailleur!

Available in 1/6 and 1/2 Barrell Kegs


Ahhh, the traditions of Belgium: Cycling, beer and long family lines. We want to introduce you to a member of our “family” Abi- Mi-Ale. It is a Belgian style Abbey Ale made with Crystal Malt, caramelized brown sugar and authentic Belgian Style yeast. It is lightly hopped with a commanding malt component that is expressed more like a complex fruitiness rather than a uniform sweetness. This Double (Dubbel) has smooth cream and chocolate with a refreshing banana finish. Its beautiful color comes from the caramelization of the sugar. Just as the beers produced in actual “Abbey’s”, it is a beverage of common provisions. During ancient times of fast it was a well-received form of relief. Our Abi-Mi-Ale is actually named after one of our own family members! It seemed the perfect fit for our family and a beverage of provisions and refreshment after a long ride or other form of recreation. If you would like to know our Abi-Mi-Ale, look closely at our logo and enjoy the cool refreshment of his namesake.

Cycler's Brewery distributes products in the South Texas areas of Montgomery, Houston, Humble, Kingwood, Cypress, Conroe, Brenham, Katy, Sugarland, The Woodlands, and Magnolia.

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